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Radio Headlines For Thursday 8-30-2018
On or about January 1, 2019 according to an updated filing with the bankruptcy court. The nearly 400 page document is the third amended joint Chapter 11 plan of reorganization of iHeart. It includes financial projections based on the assumption that the company will emerge with a lighter debt load to start 2019. [read more]
More detail from the massive iHeart filing includes an analysis of why the company had to make the decision to file for bankruptcy. iHeart executives say it had to do with market conditions, the challenges the radio industry faced, and the 2008 financial crisis. They also mention that Cumulus had to do the same thing. [read more]
Our guests Friday morning at 9 will be James Marriott, Head of Podcaster Relations and Operations at Podcast Websites and Jim Collison, co-host of Ask The Podcast Coach and the voice behind The Average Guy Network. Our podcast is now available on Apple Podcast. [read more]
In partnership with the Public Radio Program Directors Association, Jacobs Media has released its Public Radio Techsurvey 2018. The study takes a look at how digital media impacts public radio and the media consumption behaviors of public radio listeners. Here are some of the highlights from the study... [read more]
And it all comes down to the young versus the old. NuVoodoo has released its 12th Ratings Prospects Study which shows some good news for radio, as well as some not-so-good news. NuVoodoo says the study was conducted this past June and involved over 3,000 radio listeners between the ages of 14 and 54. Here is what they uncovered... [read more]
Weaving an AI strategy successfully into your radio operation takes skill. Full mastery can come with advanced learning, and a free webinar in August accomplishes that with top-level knowledge and insights from Veritone. It’s broadcast media education at no cost, allowing executives, sales leaders, and AEs to gain a deeper understanding of AI. CLICK HERE. [read more]
(By Andrew Curran) The last 12 months have seen a variety of significant milestones in and around AM/FM radio. The magnitude of these changes, both individually and collectively, is difficult to fully quantify at the moment, but the significance will be felt for years to come. [read more]
LSU Sports Properties has announced a multi-year partnership with Skyview Networks’ for radio play-by-play broadcast services. LSU Sports will utilize Skyview Networks’ complete package of services, including satellite distribution, AdView Inventory Management, and Live Read Capture. [read more]
We first reported about the accident KVEC San Luis Obispo host Dave Congalton was in back on July 2. Congalton was walking to an organized march when he was hit by a car suffering head and leg injuries. He was hospitalized for weeks and could not recall what happened to him. Congalton has filed a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle. [read more]
Labor Day weekend usually brings some radio treats and here is one that’s sure to be popular. iHeartMedia and Bobby Bones will launch Women of iHeartCountry, an hour-long, weekend program devoted exclusively to female artists. [read more]
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and SiriusXM are partnering for the launch of The Billy Graham Channel. The channel will feature the inspiring messages and sermons of the late, world-renowned Christian evangelist. [read more]
The New York Public Library announced that The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee has been named a NYPL Ambassador, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared August 28 “Angela Yee Day." [read more]
Clay Travis, host of the FOX Sports Radio-syndicated program Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis, will  join FS1 for the Fall premiere of the network’s first-ever sports gambling show Lock It In. [read more]
In 2018, has been publishing advertiser success stories every Monday morning. We've found great local advertisers that are using radio to drive customers to their stores and dollars to their cash registers. We want to publicize your greatest advertiser success story of the year.  [read more]
Are you hearing things about your market? Let us investigate. Radio Ink Magazine is the only 26-year-old trade magazine in the radio industry. That's the result of a lot of trust over those years. Send all news tips in total confidence, and any other station news to Radio Ink Editor Ed Ryan at [read more]
Our thanks to Richard Bouchard, the treasurer of Bouchard Broadcasting, for sharing this classic. Bouchard, who just turned 80, is pictured here at WNRI in Woonsocket, RI has been involved in professional broadcasting since age 17. Send your Blast to [read more]
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Kevin LeGrett is the President of iHeartMedia Market Group’s Southwest Division, where he oversees programming, sales, partnerships, and operations for all radio station brands in the Los Angeles, San Diego/Riverside, Arizona, Red River, Houston, Dallas, and Austin/San Antonio Regions. LeGrett is also a 2018 Radio Wayne finalist. [read more]

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