T-Minus 24 Hours For Podcasting For Radio Dummies – Episode #2, Why This Colts Announcer Really Quit
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Radio Headlines For Thursday 8-23-2018
A hit piece that ran in The New York Post Tuesday night, alleging that former CBS Radio stations in New York City were run like a frat house, has caught the attention of Entercom Regional VP Susan Larkin. Here's what she had to say... [read more]
Tomorrow morning, live at 9AM Eastern, on Podcasting for Radio Dummies our guest for the full half hour will be RawVoice / CEO, New Media Show host and Podcasting Pioneer Todd Cochrane. Todd is one of the most influential players in the podcasting space and is an encyclopedia of podcasting information.  [read more]
The truth has emerged about why long-time Indianapolis Colts play-by-play announcer Bob Lamey abruptly quit Sunday. And it involves an Emmis employee. [read more]
That's the title of an article written about the Sports Pope in The New York Times. The WFAN star, who recently returned after a very short retirement, tells the paper that what radio does more than any medium is allow you to really get close to your audience. [read more]
The name of the session is “The Podcast Boom,” and it will be moderated by PodcastOne CEO Norm Pattiz. Here's who Pattiz will have on his panel. [read more]
Thanks to WCBS Newsradio Director of News and Programming Tim Scheld for sharing this very cool video about the recent rebrand of one of radio's most legendary sets of call letters. [read more]
True Crime is big with podcast listeners and this noew one from iHeart is called SLEUTH and it will explore the double murder-for-profit and dismemberment of college students Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi in 2010. [read more]
Podcast Detroit, a metro Detroit-based podcasting network with nearly 100 shows, has opened another Detroit studio, located in the new Detroit Shipping Company. [read more]
The Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group awarded the 2018 “MIW Rising Star Award” to Neuhoff Media AE Karalee Misner at the 11th annual “Rising Through the Ranks” Women in Radio Management & Leadership Training Program. [read more]
Bob Lefsetz has one of the longest-running and most popular newsletters about music and culture that has ever been written — everyone in that space reads what the outspoken Lefsetz has to say. He's now getting his own show on SiriusXM, called "Lefsetz Live." The show will air Tuesdays at 7 pm ET on channel 106. [read more]
Seven years ago, being a purveyor of Spanish-language media wasn't exactly the most lucrative business opportunity in the Milwaukee market. Today, the business climate is so strong that Bustos Media of Wisconsin launched a second FM signal targeting Latinos. [read more]
Ron Robinson - Radio(By Ronald Robinson) Unless trained beyond our own propensities, we tend to behave and speak in a manner that is consistent with our thinking. Our ways of speaking are, almost exclusively, intuitive and habitual. [read more]
Weaving an AI strategy successfully into your radio operation takes skill. Full mastery can come with advanced learning, and a free webinar in August accomplishes that with top-level knowledge and insights from Veritone. It’s broadcast media education at no cost, allowing executives, sales leaders, and AEs to gain a deeper understanding of AI. CLICK HERE. [read more]
Our thanks to Richard Bouchard, the treasurer of Bouchard Broadcasting, for sharing this classic. Bouchard, who just turned 80, is pictured here at WNRI in Woonsocket, RI has been involved in professional broadcasting since age 17. Send your Blast to [read more]
Are you hearing things about your market? Let us investigate. Radio Ink Magazine is the only 25-year-old trade magazine in the radio industry. That's the result of a lot of trust over those years. Send all news tips in total confidence, and any other station news to Radio Ink Editor Ed Ryan at [read more]
In 2018, has been publishing advertiser success stories every Monday morning. We've found great local advertisers that are using radio to drive customers to their stores and dollars to their cash registers. We want to publicize your greatest advertiser success story of the year.  [read more]
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